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Hi parents,.. looking for home tutions in Bangalore. Well the search engine has rightly guided you on to the students favorite Mudassir Sir’s home tutors page..A POLYMATH ,professional in various professions and a well experienced tutor having an above 8 years experience of teaching and psychological research, tutoring, counseling,coaching and training the second P.U.C and Engineering students.. both as academic and personality skills tutor.Teaching for me is a passion and a reason to live..I enjoy my craft and I want to.......   
I not only teach my students to improve their results,but teach them to learn and how to learn more…towards a process of future learning….for the future world.From my experience in teaching and coaching classes and commitment in almost all the fields home tutions bangaloreI have developed the methods to connect to my students minds so that we both speak the same language..I believe in making a difference in my students lives and it thrills inside me generating  positive vibes when my students call me or visit me to thanks for the knowledge..And Iam always there to show them right the way where they want to go..

My expertise includes Second p.u.c (mathematics & physics),Engineering mathematics(1,2,3,and Basic Electrical and electronic engineering )subjects..Well due to my strict time schedule I am able to provide personal one to one coaching for a limited slots only.I might be available for your child or not is the other part but ........ I request you parents to please read through this before calling me…

Tution nowadays is treated as a necessity. You might be quite aware of the “tuition nation Singapore ” and now the “ hot spot is Bengalore ” .home tutorials bangalore Home tutors in Bangalore is on the rise with the economy flourishing.The reason why home or private home tutors and home tutoring are becoming so popular in bangalore and many parts of India is because --- most students have some subject that they lag behind in than their classmates, the overcrowded class rooms handled by a single teacher,the ever demanding competition and the rise in school syllabus ..,psychological problems with the students,disengaged educational practices in schools,institutes, & colleges,group tuitions ,coaching centers also lead to stress among students,lack of motivation which leads them to struggle academically,poor basics.etc ..such and many factors force parents to take the initiative of personal home tutoring so that their children gets the best attention. Good qualityprivate home  tutors can command a high fees for their rewarding services and parents are ready to pay that.

Due to this there is a dearth of home tutions in bangalore , available and many are part time tutors.. There are many advertisements in yellow pages,,tutoring agencies and a hundreds of them over the internet..Some parents whom I met are often cheated by liars in disguise.. I humbly sympathize for such parents who have been the victims of tutors who cheat for money .   But I would also like to to say that that ...............................................
there are many tutors out there who don't work merely for money and perform their duties with true commitment, sincerity and dedication.

We are professionals in our fields just as lawyers,engineers ,doctors and other professionals and so the charges of coaching may also vary..Also home tuitions costs a lot more compared to group tuitions because for the same number of hours personal focus has to be paid on a single student. The trained and well experienced tutors always demand the highest fees in the market..The fees can be on hourly basis or subject wise..So you cannot expect for cheap home tuitions in Bangalore…Ain't You?

Parents believe that tuitions do some magic or miracle on students.Bringing a good home tutor is like buying your child the hardware but the real software is the encouraging efforts of parents themselves.parents care of coaching tuitionsFrom my experience and interaction with the the parents and students I have always seen that the students who do extremely well had good supporting parents..Its because The students attitudes and their behavior is closely tied to the parents belief system..More often the students are forced to opt for a certain career in which they are not interested which may hamper their creative abilities..and usually such students don’t find happiness in what ever they do..I have also seen parents scolding and cursing their children in front of others friends and peers for their poor performance .Such students give up trying in the later run.

As a professional Psychotherapist and a clinical Hypnotherapist I have dealt with many teen and adolescent student cases involving suicide,depression,stress,exam fear,puberty,lack of self confidence ,poor learning,Attention defeciency disorder (A.D.D) ETC..So my humble words to all those parents will to be more generous and praiseworthy with their kids encourage them in all their accomplishments while provide them unconditional love and some encouraging words and see the miracle happen by itself..Never give up believing in your childs potential ,the rest of the magic will be done by the tutor himself..

Please keep in mind a few points before hiring for home tutors in Bangalore

  • Highly qualified and expertise in the subject taught…with knowledge of advancing technologies like the internet.    
  • Strong motivator and have genuine care and concern for the students.

  • Display a professional attitude and image.    
  • Should be a true learner by himself/herself and be able to find the lying weakness in the student and provide the appropriate solution..

  • Understand their students well and their learning  tutoring styles..

  • Should be willing to stay after tuitions and update the parents about the progress.

  • Flexible,fluid,authorative,humorous and facilitate positive learning behaviours.    
  • Ready to spend good quality time apart from tution hours and provide a good company of a friend.   

Before attaching a tutor to your families  avoid hassle and try to understand your children first to match the correct tutor who can understand their world and confide a honest bond with them.I wish you all the  best in your search for the  right home tutions in bangalore.Feel feel to contact me on 98800 75257

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